Cascade Rescue Sled Protector

Why leave your expensive rescue toboggans and associated gear out in the weather?  The Cascade Rescue Sled Protector will completely enclose and waterproof ANY Cascade Rescue toboggan. Simply slide the toboggan inside, roll up the end and secure it with the Fastex buckle on the end.  Your toboggan  and all your gear are now safely stowed out of the damaging effects of the elements.  Great for Cat Ski Operators who mount their sleds on the top or sides of the Cat. The Sled Protector is made of heavy-duty 18oz black polyvinyl.  This material withstands serious extremes in temperature and foul weather. The Sled Protector even sports three carry handles on the side making it easy to grab the sled and easily relocate it.  Never show up on scene again with wet moldy gear!

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Bag laying flat is 120” X 36” with a 72” circumference and a diameter of about 23”.  To insert and remove a sled our recommendation is that the sled goes in nose first while being held up in the back a little bit.  To remove, have someone hold the end of the bag or tie it to a fixed point and reverse the process.