Kong X-Large Carbon Auto Block Carabiner

Carbon steel carabiner with Auto Block sleeve. The X-Large is designed to offer a wide gate opening and a high tensile strength. The particular D shape prevents the rotation of the carabiner and allows to distribute the load along the major axis. The reinforced sleeve offers greater resistance in the case of lateral stress as required by ANSI.

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  • Equipped with Keylock system that prevents any snagging on the rope and in the bolts.
  • Fitted with Auto Block sleeve, easy to open even wearing gloves.
  • 3 movements sleeve: to open the connector it is necessary to lift the sleeve, turn it and then pull the gate.
  • Special burnished finishing that allows a greater visibility of the laser marking.
  • High-quality product completely developed and produced in Italy.
  • Tested piece by piece.


  • MBS Major: 50 kN
  • MBS Minor: 20 kN
  • Weight: 265 G
  • Locking Mechanism: Auto Block
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Color: Lunar White


  • ANSI Z359.12
  • EN 362/T