New England 10.5 mm Patron Plus Static Rope

Patron PLUS is certified to EN 1891A and was developed specifically to withstand heavy loads such as encountered on motor winches.


Standard: EN 1891A
Core: polyamid
Cover: polyamid
Braid: 32

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Dirt, climatic influences, heavy loads, and dimensional stability requirements raised the requirements.When designing Patron PLUS, we focused on making it extremely robust and compact.

Subsequently, these properties were documented and demonstrated in numerous tests at our customers. Patron PLUS complies with EN 1891A and comes with a sewn termination or a figure eight knot.

The advantages of this static rope are:

  • consists of high-quality polyamide
  • high breaking forces despite its extremely low weight
  • robust and compact
  • protection against abrasion and ingress of dirt
  • soft handling
  • easy to transport and store

Info: The 11mm version of Patron PLUS, in combination with the CTL Sparrow (2D646) descender, is certified to EN 341 A.

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4592 ft., 656 ft.


Black-White, White-Black, White-Red, White-Yellow, Black, Olive


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