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Rescue Solutions High Directional Hitch Support

Eliminate the need for guy-line systems, improvised foot anchors, lashing or structural bolting. The High Directional Hitch Support (HDHS) provides a portable, fixed anchor for the leg of the Arizona Vortex or SMC Terradaptor” tripod systems.

The High Directional Hitch Support is portable and readily adaptable to a variety of vehicles and receiver hitch locations. Compact, easy to store and transport, yet quick to access and install.  It is a simple, quick, multi-directional solution providing an anchor point and a stable High Directional.

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The High Directional Hitch Support (HDHS) provides quick stabilization of the multi-pod fore and aft through the apex of the A-frame giving rescue personnel a more rapid and safe rescue platform.

The integrated anchor plate reduces the need for additional equipment and simplifies rigging systems.


  • The vehicle hitch receiver to be used with the Hitch Support must be rated for the anticipated load and inspected prior to use. A Class 3 receiver is required as a minimum, with Class 4 or Class 5 preferred.
  • A grade-5 hitch pin should also be utilized. The host vehicle should be secured, with the transmission in park or in gear with the emergency brake applied, wheels chocked, and ignition key removed or “tagged out”.
  • Setting up the artificial high directional should be done by a competent rescue technician trained in the proper and safe use of High Directionals. A High Directional flat foot should be left attached to the HD Hitch Support using supplied Stainless-Steel bolts.


  • Even though using the HD Hitch Support may be intuitive, training from a competent, professional instructor in Artificial High Directionals is recommended prior to using this device
  • A thorough understanding of technical rope systems, loads, force vectors, rope rescue safety factors and associated physics is required to effectively and safely use the HD Hitch Support. Failure to follow the product instructions and safe rescue practices can result in physical damage to equipment & vehicles, failure of the technical rope system, personal injury or even death.

Maintenace & Inspection  

  • Inspect the HD Hitch Support before and after each use for sharp edges, cracks, bends or damaged parts. Do not use it if the unit is damaged.
  • Modifications or repairs to the unit can only be made by the manufacturer. Clean the unit of dirt and moisture with a soft towel and store it in a safe and dry location.