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Ropes Edge The Edge 90 Sharp Edge Management System

The Edge90° Parapet Clamp is designed for use on varying sizes, depths and materials of parapets and on other 90° edges, commonly found on high-rise buildings and on industrial work sites. It should only be used it is not possible to “remove” or “avoid” a hazard.

In Industrial Rope Access, all rigging equipment and ropes shall be rigged in such a way to remove or avoid potential hazards that threaten the integrity of the life-supporting system.

The Edge90° Parapet Clamp is designed to remain firmly in place under the weight of the worker or load.



No more multi-layered “protectors” involving a piece of wood & your fave shag carpet that can take upwards of 20 mins to install, only to have to move again to the next drop.
The major benefits of the Edge90° is that it takes less time to install and negotiate than the multiple layers of carpet, the large heavy & edge rollers that require significant time & attention to properly get into place. Plus with the Edge90°’s Clamping Force, the barrier stays where you want it to without damaging the building that you’re working on!
  • The Edge90° has been designed for use with nylon kernmantle rope or nylon slings as a physical barrier to a potential hazard or an abrupt 90° bend.
  • The increased bend radius ensures maximum strength retention of the rope or sling that is used within it
  • The Edge90° has a grippy rubber base to distribute the load & forces on the parapet and maintain its position during installation, removal, and normal use.
  • 7-second installation
  • 3 x Bend Radius
  • 100% Rope retention system
  • No Velcro!
  • More rope in play during the transition
  • Parapet Clamp that helps protect again unintended movement.
  • Parapet Protecting base
  • Ultra-high efficiency when hauling slack ropes at the end of each abseil
  • Multiple Applications. Separate the cam-strap & use it as a single unit
  • Ultra-lite & low profile design helps with fatigue and edge negotiation


  • Weight: 600g
  • Conformity: Non-PPE
  • Tensile Strength: 48 MPa 6960 psi
  • Elongation: 20%
  • Impact Resistant to: 1247 flbs/ sq. inch
  • Melting Point: 175°C
  • Low-Temperature Limit: -40°C (short term duration)
  • Material: PA 12 Nylon
  • The Edge90° should not be used if the potential load on the product could exceed 250 kg.



  • Wash The Vortex with warm soap & water and keep away from sources of high heat and chemical contamination.