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Skylotec HMS Double Twist

Featuring a Double Gate with patented 180 ° technology, the locking sleeve can be turned in two directions making it easy to use for left and right-handers.

  • HMS carabiner with wide top bar to offer plenty of space for equipment (e.g. ropes, slings, etc.)
  • Patented double gate usable by both left- and  right-handers
  • I-Profile spine to optimize  strength / weight ratio
  • Wider cross-sections at the points exposed to abrasion (apex /crown and base)
  • Compact Key-Lock nose and wide gate opening for snag-free attaching / detaching to fixation points



  • MBS Major Axis: 25 kN
  • MBS Minor Axis: 7 kN
  • MBSOpen Gate: 7 kN
  • Color: Matte Grey