TNT Twin Tension Tech Rescue TTRS Pre-Built Kit (NFPA G & T Rated)

The T’NT TTRS System has been developed for Fire, Industrial and Mine Rescue teams. This kit contains NFPA hardware and is based around the use of twin 11mm Clutches, and CMC Pro G11 which is an 11mm NFPA G rated 40kn rope. The kit is colour-coded red and blue for ease of use, and completely compacts into two bags. The 300’ of 11mm rope is stuffed into a CMC Pro #3 Rope Bag, which can be carried separately or stored within the gear bag itself. The kit also offers key products such as the T’NT/STREP Modular mat system, CMC NFPA T rated Swivabiner with Petzl Rescuecender, Petzl ASAP Lock, 29kN Teufelberger cord for lightweight anchoring and much more. Aluminum T and G rated carabiners offer superior strength and are lightweight.

Please contact us with any questions or further kit customization.



The T’NT Twin Tension Tech Rescue Pre-Built Kit includes the following:


Edge Protection

Primary Anchor Device



Rope & Cord

Rope and Rigging Bags

Fall Arrest

Prebuilt Haul Kits