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Yates Standard Spec Pak Lifting Bridle System

This system of lifting is useful when longer suspension times are anticipated, reducing the chances of the development of suspension syndrome. The lifting bridle is attached to chest-mounted D-rings on Spec Pak. The Head and leg strap allows for the complete stabilization of the patient without the need for a full litter.



  • Head Strap allows it is easily adjustable with the use of 6kN rated Ancra Cam Buckles.
  • Lifting bridle has full strength 22.2 kN rating.
  • Use od Leg/Knee support strap allows for horizontal lifting.
  • All carabiners and connectors are included. SWL/WLL 2.3kN. MBS 23 kN.

The Yates Spec Pak will not function in all lifting modes without the use of these Lifting Bridles. The use of Lifting bridle is recommended for use in most lifting operations. The upper D ring attachment should only be used for short duration lifts 5-10 minutes. Standard Lifting Bridal System (905) is included with 900 Spec Pak